Amulet Day 27/100

A small-but-precious scrap of hand-dyed, hand-woven Japanese indigo by the hands of Mr. Tanaka from Fukuoka. I used to import his luscious, coarse fabric by the bolt (tanin Japanese) and sell it by the yard. I used it as a foundation fabric to teach my sashikoclasses. The weave was so perfect for the sashikoneedle and thread, and it had the natural mosquito repellant smell of the dye bath still. My fingers would always get blue… He offered about 16-20 shades of blue from medium-sky to “black hole” … and even a few with a yellow thread or a red thread woven in. So here is a little asanoha(morning glory) in a hexagon shape with center red button and yet another lone (but favorite) orange earring from the 1980’s. And here’s to you Tanaka-san.