Amulet Day 1/100

This is the beginning. For my #100day project, I am committing to making 100 cloth amulets (mostly with a Japanese “flavor”) at 1 per day across 100 days. My intention is to create a collection of omamori (Japanese for “good luck charms”) that one typically purchases at a Japanese temple or sightseeing spot in Japan, and which might be carried, or pinned to a lapel, or made into a brooch or a pendant necklace. For Day 1 hand- heart selected a few vintage Japanese fabrics from my scrap bag and I constructed a tiny “intuitive” log cabin-style block (as I often do as a warm-up exercise). Adding batting and a backing, & turning it inside out (no easy feat), it became a tiny quilt. I added a little sashiko stitching for rhythm and a single earring below. It turned out kinda wonky, but I decided this was not the time to worry about perfection, but to focus on the process.